... providing children with opportunity
and a sense of community in which to blossom.
August 2014
Special HoA Edition
“There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots, the other wings." 
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ~
Urgent Need!
We are in need of Attendant Spirits for 3 residential kids who have turned 18 and aged out of the system!!
Details to come.
But for now... if you are interested in sponsoring Sandy, Silviana or Andreea please contact us at info@angelsinneed.org or
Currently these children have no other place to go so we want to keep them at HoA as long as possible.
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if you are interested in putting together a project to help raise funding or awareness for the children we serve.
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We cannot thank all of you enough who join us in our mission. Without you we would be unable to provide opportunity for these children to blossom.
More Info:
Angels in Need, Inc.
is a 100% volunteer
 501(c)(3) non-profit charity
based in Davidson, NC.
The Word of the Day at HoA is NEW!
Necessities ~ Entertainment ~ Whimsy
This summer has been a busy summer at House of Angels. Simona Stewart (Founder and Director) has been working VERY hard and our collective dream of shifting from roots to wings is beginning to take shape!!! 
There is lots of "NEW" at HoA and it takes the form of Necessity, Entertainment and Whimsy for the children. New furniture. New wheelchairs. New outings. And... New playground!
NEW furniture:
All of the furniture has been updated with used but very good quality wood hotel furniture donated from Austria...
... new beds... new wardrobes... new couches... new dining tables... new everything! 
NEW outings:
Angels in Need was able to help sponsor a special summer outing for four special teenagers from the Residential program, thanks to YOUR support. Adi, Roxana, Georgiana and Mihaela all enjoyed a trip to the Black Sea for the first time in their lives. It was the highlight of their summer and they said they felt like they were "in heaven" for one week!
NEW wheelchairs:
We first contacted Joni & Friends back in December and are thrilled that the four immobile children (Elena, Florin, Loredana and Silviana) have finally received their customized wheelchairs!!! 
These children are now able to spend much more time outdoors and can be taken for longer walks since the chairs have various positions and hold the children upright more comfortably. In addition, once these children turn 18 and leave HoA, their wheelchairs will go with them making their lives much easier anywhere they go! A special thanks to Daniel Mereuta and Joni and Friends' "Wheels for the World" for making this possible.
And FINALLY... a NEW playground!
Something both HoA and AiN have set our sites on for a long time has finally become reality! A new playground has finally been installed! This project was a joint venture and success thanks to Open Charities (a UK sponsor), Angels in Need (thanks to all of YOUR support), HTL Villach (the Austrian manufacturer) and volunteers Daniel (from Austria) and Spanish ALAS
It goes without saying that the kids are enjoying their new entertainment and it does the heart of HoA & AiN especially good to see the disabled kids able to partake and enjoy!
"Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight."

Albert Schweitzer ~